Types of Cards in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

In FIFA  Ultimate Team there are several types of cards,different types of cards has different roles.In FUT 15 there are four types of cards: players, staff, consumables and club items. Today we will have deepth look at the four different card types.

fifa 15 image

Players Cards:
The most popular type of cards is, of course, the cards featuring the players. You can obtain them in packs and in auctions. It is easy to figure out that they have different colors. The basic ones can be brown, silver, and gold but, EA often surprises players with special cards. Then, you can also find orange, blue or purple cards in the packs. Each week, several players make it into, the so called, team of the week, and black cards, called by many the IF (In Form) cards, make it into the deck. All of the colors, different from the basic cards, guarantee that the card is much more expensive in the transfer market. Some of the cards may have gloss, which additionally increases their value even in the case of a quick sale. They are called the rare cards.

fifa 15 image

Staff Cards:
Building a dream team is every FIFA 15 Ultimate Team player’s objective. In order to reach that, something more than just players will be needed. You’ll need to know how to manage the other types of cards there are in the game: staff, consumables and club items. For this, it’s good that you fully understand what they’re for, how they work and which real benefits they may or may not bring you according to your strategies.

It’s commonly said that human resources are every company’s most valuable assets. This happens in FUT 15 as well. The players are no doubt crucial, because without them you wouldn’t be able to play. Although they aren’t indispensable, the staff also perform a very important role. These cards have the responsibility to boost the effect of some consumables and, in the case of managers, they even increase the players’ individual chemistry.

fifa 15 image

Consumables’ Cards:
In modern football, good players don’t make a winning team. They need to be supported by their club. It may be specific training, more stringent physical preparation or simple treatment for an injury. In FUT 15, this support is actioned by using consumables.

Consumables are one of the four cards’ types in the game. By definition, they are all the cards that can be applied to players or managers to improve some of their characteristics. They differ from the other cards because they expire after passing its effect to players or managers’ cards, making them more valuable or more adjusted to the goals of the team.

fifa 15 image

Club Items Cards:
To achieve success in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, you will need more than just good skills with the controller in your hands. You will need to management your club the best way possible. This can be achievable by getting the best out of each card.

In FUT 15 there are four types of cards: players, staff, consumables and club items. The last one (club items) is the least important but there are a few things about it that everyone should know.

The club items are essentially used to personalize your club, making your playing experience the most unique as it possibly can be. Winning with style is not the only role of these cards. They may have a motivational or even a strategic role too.

The following image show the differences bewteen those four type card:

fifa 15 image


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